The Colman Trust

Helping Young People obtain the skills they need

About our trust

The Coleman Charitable Trust

The trust provides small grants to organisations helping young people to obtain life skills they need for work and life.

Donations are currently directed to organisations in Surrey and North Hampshire focussed on providing practical training, skills & support where the education system is not enabling young people to reach their full potential.

Organisations we have Supported

Chicks/Go Beyond
Eikon & Lifetrain
Life Education
Second Chance
Surrey Care Trust

Surrey Youth Focus
The Sustainability Centre
Therapy Garden
Transform Housing
Younge Womans Trust
Buddy Up
Emerge Advocacy
School Readers

Surrey University - Battesea Project
Watts Gallery
Small Piece
East to West
Mane Chance
Shared Enterprise
Off the record

Core Coach Surrey
Sayers Croft
Hampshire Family Counselling
Helen Arkell
Busbridge School
Change of scene
RHS Appenticeship Scheme
Create Arts Surrey Carers